Bloomington Sacred Harp

Shape note singing in and around Bloomington, IN

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This is from two years ago, but I think you’ll get a kick out of hearing local members, Cindy BeaulĂ© and Aaron Jones, talk about Shape Note singing in the Bloomington, IN area and promoting the All Day Singing back in 2016.

Check back from time to time and I’ll post some videos and audio clips you may enjoy of various events and recordings.

An interview with one of the founding members of the Bloomington group, William Shetter.

Alan Lomax, with Phil Summerlin and Buell Cobb, discusses the emotional, historical, and musicological dimensions of Sacred Harp. Lomax sees shape-note singing as characteristically American, places it in a global multi-melodic choral context, and predicts its increasing popularity. Shot at the Holly Springs Sacred Harp Convention, Holly Springs, Georgia, June 6, 1982.

From the 2016 Bloomington All Day Singing:

Details on the upcoming 2017 All Day Singing.

Several of our local Bloomington singers visited the 2016, Michiana Sacred Harp All-day singing near Goshen, IN. Here’s Curtis leading ‘Africa.’

Some clips and interviews of the 24th Annual Ohio State Sacred Harp Shape Note Singing Convention.

Trailer for the documentary, “Awake My Soul.”